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In the world of today we are faced with tremendous quantities of data. New technology means people can communicate together faster and more widely than ever before. But this creates the potential for new problems − especially for professionally qualified health-carers such as dentists, technicians and hygienists.

In the healthcare profession there is a certain duty to take advantage of the most modern proven treatments to help patients. Worldwide scientific discussion and exchange of ideas accelerates the pace at which new treatments and techniques are introduced. However, it now becomes more and more difficult for dental professionals to keep up-to-date with these trends, and in particular to convert the mass of “raw data” into useful information which is relevant for daily practice.

I believe that LDA-online offers leading dentists an excellent route to solve this problem. Having access to the latest appropriate information, and the opportunity to communicate efficiently with like-minded colleagues can provide the practicing dentist, hygienist or technician with a valuable personal resource.

Therefore I wish the supporters of LDA-online every success both in Japan and worldwide.