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Let me tell you how I feel proud to have a friend able to find the idea and the energy to create such an international association of the best that we can find in our profession on this planet.

Since so many decades, each dentist was working by himself in his (or her) office closed to outside, closed to receive or to teach new ideas or techniques. It was difficult, at this time, to improve own dentistry and Dentistry.

Then, with aviation development, traveling for conventions and learning from other dentists in the world was easier. And now, we are able to learn from our desk with Internet, to speak about patient cases with digital pictures, and that with all the dentists in the world.

It's why the idea reuniting a selected group of practitioner from everywhere is luminous, allows us to establish new contacts with new and different people with at least 1 common point: DENTISTRY.

Thank you for this idea and long life to LDA.